Thursday, June 17, 2010

To my siblings...with love xoxo

Margie, Sam, and me summer 2007

Over the years, my siblings have meant many things to me. When we were little, it was just Sam and I. We got along the way that most siblings do...we played together some, but we fought a lot. I think that to him, I was just a pain in the butt sister. AND, I tried very hard to be a pain in his tush. However, there were times when he was my protector and when I needed him, he was there. For instance, the time when a bunch of kids on the playground surrounded me on the monkey bars and I was crying because I was scared. He came over and said in his scariest sounding voice, "You better leave my sister alone!" Thankfully, they all scattered. Then, there was the time when we were both at WVU and The Man called me on the PHONE and broke up with me. ugh. I was devastated! Truly devastated. I called my mom crying and she promptly called Sam and he was by my side, holding me and letting me cry on his shoulder. Thankfully, The Man saw the error of his ways (maybe he was scared of my brother???) and we got back together and the rest is history.

Anyway, I'll never forget the day that our mom went into the hospital to have 'our baby.' I was almost 6 and Sam was 7. We were at Mimi's house waiting for the phone call. When the call finally came, Mimi told us that Marjorie was born. We hugged one another and started singing, "Little Margie Mae, sleeping in the hay!" I was so excited because I wanted a sister so badly. Sam was happy too because, well, he wouldn't have to share his room with a brother. OR so he said.

My poor baby sister...I gave her a concussion once. Let me explain, I didn't MEAN to do it. I thought I'd give her a ride on the dining room swivel chairs when she was three, I think. I put her booster chair (which was usually kept on a non-swivel chair because my mom was very smart) onto a swivel chair and spun her around. Wee! That was fun until the booster fell off of the chair and she went flying onto the hardwood floor of the dining room. Whoops! She had a bump on her head and then she threw up. Mom, being an RN, knew that she needed to be seen by the doctor. Mom, being a mother, wasn't too happy with her #1 daughter. In the end, Margie lived. I can't remember if I got in trouble or if seeing me crying hysterically thinking she was going to die was punishment enough for my parents.

Over the years, we became friends. We enjoy spending time together and would spend even more time together if we didn't live in different parts of the country. I love you two more than you'll know!

Oh, and Sam...sorry for being a pain in your butt, but I can't help's who I am. ;)

And Margie? Sorry for the bump on the head! I was just trying to have fun. :(



Melisa with one S said...

I bet they forgive you. :)

Marjorie said...

And it was fun...until the throwing up part! ; )

I have the BEST siblings! I love you!