Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lifelong Learner

So The Man bought me the Microsoft Office '07 software for my computer so that I can play around with it and possibly sharpen some skills for my resume. Then, another piece of software called The Professor Teaches Office '07 caught my eye. We decided it would be good for me to have this software since I consider myself extremely computer challenged. What I love about it is that not only is it good for visual learners, but also for auditory and tactile learners. I'm not a visual learner...I'm mixture of the three. So, I get to listen to the 'man' talking to me, I can read what he's saying and look at the screen at what he's talking about, and then I get to actually do the applications when prompted. It's a wonderful program!*

I'm in the middle of learning about Excel. Each session is approx. 70 minutes in length and there are about 10 sessions for each part of Office.

Before you know it, I'll be an Office whiz and I can amaze the world with my skills!

I'll keep you posted!

*I am not being compensated for this post...I just wanted to share this wonderful piece of software with those of you who are like I am....computer challenged. :)

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