Sunday, January 31, 2010

Getting Started

Welcome to my blog! Thanks to my friend Melisa, I'm up and running! After a few years of pressure from her to create my own blogger account, I finally caved and this is the result.

The reason I chose Dishin' With Dawndi as the name of the blog is this: My nickname in high school (and beyond) was Dawndi. The dishin' part comes in because I love to cook and to, well, gossip...much to The Man's chagrin.

I am a former Navy wife and have moved many times during the first few years of our marriage. We have a son who is a freshman in college in another state. The Boy is currently studying to become a chemistry and physics teacher. We have settled in farm country, IL and The Man works for a company based in Chicago. I'm currently a teaching assistant for 4th and 5th grade students who have learning disabilities. We have a lazy lab named Dutch who is our baby. He's pretty spoiled!

My obsession is Aerosmith. The Man and I were going to dinner the other night and I had my Aerosmith cd cranked. He asked if I ever got tired of listening to the same thing over and over again. Seriously? Do you ever get tired of listening to your pretend boyfriend? Seriously?

My other obsessions include my family (who trumps Aerosmith, sorry Steven), cooking, this crazy laptop that The Man bought for me in November, Facebook, my friends...both IRL and online (and yes, they REALLY exist and none are ax murderers!), traveling, and let's not forget the Amish. The Man and The Boy insist that I stalk them. Whatever.

I hope you come back to visit often. Grab a cuppa and we can DISH!