Friday, June 11, 2010

Play Date

Back l-r: Becky, Amy, Brooke
Front: me, Cheryl

A couple of days ago, my friend Amy invited a few of us to her house. We ordered lunch and the kids played in the pool, jumped on the trampoline, and generally did what kids do best, had fun.

Amy has two precious children, Audrey and Dylan. Audrey is seven and is such a little lady. Dylan will be four on July three (according to him) and he is, as they say, ALL BOY!

Becky has one adorable son who is five and starting kindergarten this fall. Sam cracked me up all day long, especially on the ride to Amy's house. He is quite ornery, which is funny to see since his mom is sort of shy and quiet. SORT OF.

Brooke has four beautiful children: Jordan is going into 8th grade, Kye is going into 7th, Camden is 3, and Durham just turned one. Did I mention her kids were beautiful?

Cheryl and I had fun playing with and watching the kids play...I think one of the reasons we had so much fun is because we weren't responsible for them...therefore when they did really ornery things, we could chuckle to ourselves because we knew we didn't have to correct them.

Here are some highlights:

Dylan and Camden




Kye (who was such a good helper with the two 3 year old boys in the pool)

Jordan and Durham (can you tell Jordan doesn't like having her picture taken?)

Can waterwings make you fly?

One of my favorite pictures...Dylan MAY have gotten in a bit of trouble with that hose, and Sam...well, let's just say that this just about sums it up with him! :)

Bathing beauty

Do they have baby hurdling in the Olympics? This is an optical babies were harmed in this photo!

Taking a break with Mommy...

And, of course, what would a day with friends be without food?

l-r angel food cake with pudding, cool whip, and Reese's cups (she had me at the Reese's cups), strawberries and fruit dip, ice cream sandwich dessert, brownies

I got home around 7pm and was E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D! Who knew watching kids play and talking with friends could be that tiring?


Sarah @ said...

Playdates are the best, but I agree: they're also exhausting =)

Brooke said...

What a great day!! Great friends, great kids, great food, great conversation, great laughs and again, great friends!!

Melisa with one S said...

Good times!

Amy said...

What a day that was! Can't wait to do it again!!