Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I've been reminiscing lately....I wanted to look at our three trips to Disney to see how The Boy has changed. Let's take a look....

Here is my lovely mom and The Boy at 50s Prime Time Diner in 2004. Notice the glasses and the braces on my boy.

Here he is with his cousin modeling Fez hats in 2006. Both of them wanted me to step away from the camera! Notice the contacts and no braces on the boy...yet, even though he's 15.5 years old, he still has his little boy looks.

Here is Cap'n Jack, wait! The Man, me, and The Boy (one of my favorite pictures of the three of us) taken March 2009 at 50s Prime Time. Notice that The Boy has lost his 'little boy' looks. WAH! Of course, I'm sure that's a good thing since he was 18 at that point. HA

I'm miss my 'little boy'...and yet, as he packed up his truck with enough belongings (including OUR sheets) to get him through the summer at camp and then drove away, I didn't cry. Instead I was proud to know that we raised him well and that he's not afraid to get out there and face the world.

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Melisa with one S said...

I still have his school pictures from the era of the first photo hanging on my kitchen bulletin board, and every time they catch my eye, I'm like "WHAAAA???"


Maybe you got all your tears out when he left for school last fall? Just a guess. :)