Friday, April 29, 2011

She was more beautiful than Princess Aurora

I will admit to getting up at 5am Central time to watch the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  I missed all of the nonsense of the arrival of the guests, what they were wearing (although, I did see pictures of that 'hat' that Princess Beatrice wore.  seriously?)  I turned on the tv just in time to see Catherine and her father exit the car to enter Westminster Abbey.  I gasped with joy when I first saw her gown.  She looked beautiful, as a princess should. 

As I was watching her walk down the aisle to meet her prince at the alter, all I could think of was Sleeping Beauty.  You know?  The scenes where the king and queen are in the church or castle or wherever they were?  (Sleeping Beauty is my very favorite Disney princess, by the way.)

Prince William reminds me so much of his mother (not that I ever knew her personally, of course.)  His mannerisms, the shy way he looks out of the corner of his eyes when waving, his smile, etc.  As a couple, though, the new Prince and Princess have no resemblance of Prince Charles and Princess Diana as a couple.  Prince William and his bride seem very comfortable, albeit a bit nervous, and in love, just like a newly married couple should be.  Prince Charles and Princess Diana?  Not so much.  They were both very stiff and it just seemed forced.  That marriage was a semi-happy beginning (mainly for the bystanders) that had a very sad, and then tragic ending.

This afternoon, I was browsing pictures of the second wedding dress that Princess Kate wore.  While the first dress was very classic with its romantic lace and long train (which reminds me of my mother's wedding dress from pictures that I've seen...and yes, my mom's waist was tiny like Kate's.)  The second dress was made by the same designer, but was entirely different.  No lace, lots of bling around the waist, and a circular hem.  (forgive me for not knowing the correct designer terms....I'm ignorant in the world of fashion.)  She looked fabulous in both dresses.

I'm a sap when it comes to weddings and I will admit that I cried once or twice during the ceremony.  (As an aside, I also cry when I watch TLC's A Baby Story...people giving birth gets me every time.)  I also gave a little cheer when they had their first kiss(es) on the balcony.  And how cute was the little attendant who put her hands over her ears as they were kissing?  She'll probably grow up being recognized as 'that little girl.'  CUTE!

I'm hoping that Prince William and Princess Catherine have a long and wonderful life together as husband and wife!

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Pamela said...

This post totally captured what I was feeling....I woke at 4am and began the vigil of watching...and, in all of the flashbacks of the first wedding, yes, it all came back at how stiff and uncomfortable Charles and Diana were. We didn't realize it, so much, 30 years ago, but to watch Diana's first born, look into the lovely Kate's heart melted and the tears began to fall.

I woke the cheerleader so that she was sure to watch, with me, before school. I described Princess Di and her wedding, her tragic death and how I sat vigil during the funeral. She left behind two sons, both very different, but both would make their mother proud!

Kate was beautiful...a true fashion icon. I was thrilled that the house of Alexander McQueen designed the dress. Sarah Burton did a wonderful job. I do know the designers and trust me in saying that this was so right....

They are young, in love and to me, they touched Americans with a certain bit of class, magic and hope that we have been lacking for years. They are romance, they are beauty and they are The Young them!