Monday, April 11, 2011

He was lucky it wasn't a puffy shirt

Two years ago, the three of us went to Walt Disney World for Spring Break.  It was Nick's* senior year in high school, and we decided that if we were going to go as a family, that would be the perfect time to go.  We were making preps for his Eagle Court of Honor and graduation, as well as getting him ready to leave for college.  Scott and I were a bit melancholy, so we thought this trip would be perfect timing....and we were right.

The fourth or fifth day we were there, I started going through all of the pictures on my camera and noticed that I didn't have many from my favorite park, The Magic Kingdom.  I panicked.  I almost started crying and told Scott that we had to make another trip over there so that I could take a ton of pictures of all of my favorite places.

Scott had already bought a Captain Jack Sparrow hat and had been wearing that every day to every park we visited.  He was really getting into the 'zone.'  We decided to be a family of pirates that day at the Magic Kingdom.  I bought a set of Pirates of the Caribbean Mickey ears and then saw the perfect hat for Nick:  a set of Goofy ears with a bandanna and gold earring.  He did his best Seinfeld impression that day..."but I don't want to be a pirate!" 

Almost exactly like that, except for the Spanish subtitles, that is.  ;) 

Scott told him that he would wear the hat and smile.  He said, "you want to make your mother happy, don't you?"  He reluctantly put on the hat, but wasn't first.

A bit annoyed....

Still annoyed, but warming up a bit

The happy pirate family in front of the castle.

Starting to relax and get into the zone.


The three of us had some much fun on that trip.  We laughed harder than any other vacation.  Scott was reluctant to go to Disney World because of the heat and the crowds.  We went in mid-March before most of the country was on spring break, so the crowds weren't bad and the weather was gorgeous.  Our timing was perfect!

I'm hoping to go again in 2013 after the Fantasyland renovation is complete.  Is it a coincidence that it is also the same year Nick graduates from college?  Hmmmmmmm........  Must. save. money. NOW.

*Nick aka The Boy....he will always be "the boy" to us, but he's 20, so I'm thinking I can start calling him 'Nick' on here now.


Liz@thisfullhouse said...

What a fun trip! We could totally hang with you guys :)

Dawn said...

Wouldn't that be fun! I could just see trying to explain to Scott...'Listen, we're going to Disney with a blogger that I haven't met in person, but Melisa has and said she's totally safe, so just sit back and enjoy the ride.' Yeah, he'd totally go for it. LOL