Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Power of Television

As you well know (if you are a regular reader of my blog), I love reality tv.  One of the shows that I watch on a regular basis is Bethenny Ever After.  Some of her products are a bit 'out there' (i.e. the cleanse...which I would never do), however, her new cocktail Skinnygirl Margarita, is delicious.  I looked online to see if it was sold here in my area of my state (Farm Country), and was excited to find that my local grocery stocked it.

The last time I went grocery shopping, I purchased a bottle.  I'm not a huge fan of tequila, so I was unsure if I would enjoy it.  I found it very light and refreshing, though.  I think that it's only 100 calories for a 4oz serving, which is large enough for this lightweight.  :)

Here I am being a dork with my Skinnygirl Margarita
I can imagine how refreshing this will be on a hot summer evening while I sit on my deck swing while reading a book. 

***Disclaimer:  Bethenny has no idea who I am and this is not a paid advertisement for Skinnygirl. 

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Melisa with one S said...

That picture is HYSTERICAL!!!