Thursday, January 20, 2011

Party in the USA

I got sucked into American Idol last night.  I will admit that the only reason I am watching this season is because my pretend boyfriend is one of the judges.  And did he look hot last night or what?  Also, this part of American Idol, the choosing the people to go to Hollywood, is the most entertaining....and could likely be the only part of the season that I watch.  The reason being is I can only name about a handful of people that actually made it big after the show.  Also, after Simon told Jennifer Hudson that she would never 'go anywhere' (Hello? Simon...did you see that Oscar she won after you told her that?  Do you like the taste of crow?) I was pretty much 'over it.'  After they choose the final 20 or 12 or however many finalists there are, I may start watching know that time when they have to sing in groups and work together, yet try to stand out without taking the spot light off of others?  That is my least favorite part of the series.

But now...I have some eye candy to look at even though I get to listen to Scott, who is sitting next to me, saying, "Is he going to sing 'yes' for everyone?"  Or, "is he going to be that annoying every week?  because if he is, I'm taking your cds and throwing them away."  Um, listen, cowboy, you as much as touch my Aerosmith cds, we will have a problem.  ;)  So, just sit next to me and enjoy looking at Jenny from the know you love her.

Here is my favorite part from last night's show...enjoy!  :)

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Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Oh my. We missed American Idol last week. This part of the competition is so uncomfortable to watch ;)