Friday, January 14, 2011

Our trip to the Big City

I had the bright idea of a 'family' Christmas gift this past year. Something amazing that would require time spent together with no distractions. I talked to Scott about it and he said that as long as The Boy was up for it, he'd go along with it. I called The Boy and asked him if he'd like to see Blue Man Group or Wicked. Surprisingly, he chose Wicked. I was secretly pleased!

I got online and purchased 3 tickets to the 2pm showing the day after Christmas. We got very good seats...right side of stage, floor seats, row Q. I looked at the tickets and got a bit alarmed because they were seats 24, 26, and 28. Would we be separated? ACK!

Scott was scheduled to fly out of Chicago on the 27th at 7am, so he was going to have to leave the house at 3am, so we decided that driving to the city (instead of taking the train and having to heed to its schedule) would save us time and frustration. Scott told me that I was in charge of getting driving directions and parking information. Not a problem, says I! I'm your girl! I have been the 'navigator' our entire marriage, so this shouldn't be a problem, I thought.

So, I log on to the Cadillac Palace's website for driving directions and parking information. I got the directions telling me which exit to get off of the interstate and then it said, "Our self-park will be on the right, one half block from such and such avenue." Not a problem, I thought!

So, we got up on the morning of the 26th and got ready to go to the big city. I was so excited! Scott double checked that I had the directions and the parking information. Check and check. So, off we went.

It was a bright, sunny day when we left Farm Country, but the closer we got to the city, it started to snow. What a fun, Christmas-y day this is going to be, I thought! Scott was driving since I tend to get a bit of road rage (or so he says) and I sat back and directed him on where to turn, etc. We got to our exit and made the appropriate turns and there she was....SELF PARK...on the right-hand side of the road! Woot! I said, "Scott, there's the self park. Pull on in there and we'll park and walk to the theater!" I was feeling so proud of myself.

So, we got our ticket, parked the car and started walking...and walking...and walking. I kept looking at the guys and smiling and saying, "I'm sure it's just up ahead! Isn't this fun?" After awhile, it wasn't so fun. There is a reason they call Chicago "The Windy City." It was cold. And windy. And snowy. Finally, I started apologizing. Ok...I should have looked more into the parking situation. I said, "Hey! There is a 7-11. I'll just go on in and ask for directions! You just wait here and I'll be right back!" I go in and asked the kind man inside where the Cadillac Palace was. He said, "just go out, turn right and it's right there." Um, yeah...I go outside and see the signs for "Wicked Parking". I sheepishly smiled at my guys and said, "Look! We're so close! It's right over there!" I think by this time they were thinking, "No $h!t, Shirlock!"

We made it to the theater and went inside. It was so warm in there! Finally! So, our tickets said to go to the doors labeled "Aisle One", so we did. I said, "ugh, our tickets are evenly numbered. I hope we're not separated." The Boy said, "Mom, don't say anything to the usher. I don't want to look like a noob! We'll just make sure we're sitting next to one another, ok?" Lucky for us, the seats didn't have any odd numbers in our row, so we were sitting next to each other. Glad I didn't have to embarrass The Boy and make him feel like a 'noob.' WHATEVER

We settled in and the show began. I cried because I get emotional at Broadway musicals, the guys were restless cause it was a musical, you know, and they couldn't stand the fact that the actors kept breaking out into song every two seconds. Hello? That's what musicals are, thankyouverymuch.

After the show, we found our way back to that self -park and paid THIRTY DOLLARS for like 2 and 1/2 hours of parking (I found out from a friend that if we would have parked closer to the theater, it would have been about 1/2 that cost...but we wouldn't have had our adventure, right?) We got a bit lost leaving the city because Sassy Manassy got confused every time we went through construction, so I almost started laughing and saying, "Look everyone! Big Ben! Parliament" (like in European Vacation?) except that by now it was dark and the area we were lost in was scary and it just wasn't very funny.

We finally made it to the interstate and got home around 7:30pm. Scott logged in to Southwest and found out that all of the flights East were canceled due to the snow storm they were having, so we could have taken the train after all. But then, it wouldn't have been such an adventure and we wouldn't have had anything to look back on and laugh about later.

Why am I the only one laughing about this? hmmmmmmm


Pamela said...

Hahahaha...this SO could be describing one of our family outings...I can laugh because if you take out you, Scott and the boy and insert me, J and the cheerleader, you would have had the same comedy of errors, nice language peppered in, me acting like I knew what I was doing and getting angry at anyone questioning But, yes, in the end, you will be able to laugh your heads off about the time that you planned the perfect Christmas gift. Oh, and for the record, J would have made a beeline for the nearest bar, I am

As Cape Cod Turns said...

I love "Big Ben, Parliment!" We say that all the time! Where would the fun have been if you had taken the train, right?