Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to 'Normal'

Or whatever 'normal' is, right? After enjoying 2 weeks of holiday commotion, it's back to reality and every day life. I can honestly say, we had one of the best Christmas seasons ever.

On the 19th, Scott, his sister, her husband, and I went to see White Christmas (the play). We had a wonderful time, even though the guys pretended to hate the fact that it was a musical. ;)

On the 21st, we celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary by heading to the suburbs to Texas de Brazil. The Boy was on his way home from school and his girlfriend was also on her way down from her mom's (she had been finished for a few days.) When we got home, The Boy was in bed with a fever (poor kid drove for over 5 hours with the fever) and he was throwing up. I had visions of the stomach bug flying around our home for the holidays. Unfortunately for him, it took until Christmas Eve for him to be able to eat normal food; but fortunately for the rest of us, no one else got sick.

On Christmas Eve, I made a big ham dinner for the four of us. Then we continued our Christmas Eve tradition of watching our many Christmas movies until bed time.

Scott and I were so excited on Christmas morning that we both woke up at 2:30 am. ACK! I made sure Santa came and had some coffee, then I finally hit the wall again at 5am and went back to sleep until 7. The kids got up at 7:30. We really enjoyed watching them open their Santa gifts. It was really fun to have an extra 'kid' at our house this year!

The girlfriend went to her dad's around 1:30. Scott's sister and family came over at 2:30. The boys exchanged gifts and we ate and ate and ate some more.

On the 26th, the three of us headed to Chicago to see Wicked. The guys were great sports about it. They enjoyed the fact that we were together and the theater (Cadillac Palace) was gorgeous and the effects were AMAZING, but didn't enjoy the fact that the actors broke out into song every few seconds (hello? it's called a musical?) I, on the other hand, cried a couple of times. I loved loved loved every single second of it!

The Boy and I went shopping for clothes on the 27th. I have lost a bunch of weight since last Christmas and didn't have anything that fit properly. I was starting to look like a refugee. It was time to remedy the situation. The Boy got a huge Old Navy gift card from his Grammy and he got some awesome deals.

On the 28th, The Boy headed to his girlfriend's mom's house, then met up with us again on NYE at Jim and Melisa's. He is now safe and sound back at school. Time went way too fast!

So now, after work, I'm going to throw out all of the leftover Christmas sugary treats and fatty NYE appetizers. I haven't a clue what's for dinner tonight, but I do know it's going to be filled with veggies and possibly some clementines. This girl is officially sick of food!

I love the holiday season! Our family made some wonderful memories this year! I hope yours did too!


Pamela said...

It was a great holiday and it was great to have the cheerleader off school for a longer than usual break. And while I am a bit sad to finish removing all lights and Christmas decor and to begin the journey to 2011's graduation...I am ready to pull the house back in order...normal, sometimes, is a great place to

Melisa with one S said...

I'm sick of food too. BLECH.

And I'm excited about getting back into the routine. Dylan leaves today at lunchtime. Jim goes back to work tomorrow. Jason starts school Wednesday. YAY! :)

Dawn said... feels good to have the house back to normal, doesn't it?

@Melisa...Nick called around 4 yesterday to tell me he got back to school safe and sound. That was a relief. I hope Dylan has a safe trip back. Is he driving, taking the train, or are you taking him?

Anonymous said...

I imagined Nick being Bruce while shopping, just thought you should know. LOL

Dawn said...

Oh, know him so well! ;)