Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our Boy

On Sunday, The Boy called home twice.  The first time he called, the first thing he said was, "I flippin' love my job!"  In addition to going to college, he is also in a fraternity, does research in the chemistry department, and works in a family owned Italian restaurant in his small college town.  He's a busy guy.  He was brimming with excitement as he was telling me how he got to work the ovens making pizza on Saturday and how fun it was.  (and how now his hands are covered in burns...ACK!)  Of course, the first thing I said was, "I'm so happy for you!" and then I said, "Please go get some aloe for your burns!"  Because that's what a mom does, right?  Anyway, we talked about his job, his classes, and all of the other things he had been doing since he was home for Christmas break.

The second time he called, we didn't hear the phone because we were downstairs watching the Jets beat the Patriots (crucial game because the winners will play our Steelers on Sunday).  Anyway, he left a message singing a song about the Jets winning and how the Steelers would beat them and go on to the Superbowl.  He makes me smile.

I love how he loves life.

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As Cape Cod Turns said...

Since the Jets beat my Patriots, I will be cheering for your Steelers. Sounds like you have done an excellent job raising your son!