Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to my sweet sister!

Today is my sister Margie's birthday. I love that girl! When we were younger, she may have thought I didn't love her so much because of a few horrible things that she *claims* that I did to her....

1. I gave her a concussion (but it was an accident and she really did have fun before she flew off of the chair and landed onto the hardwood floor!)
2. I used to make her cry when we played Barbies. I'm sorry, but it's not MY fault that Barbie and Ken got divorced. Seriously. Why did she feel the need to blame their problems on me?
3. She used to chase me down the street yelling, "DaDa". I didn't hear her. She claims I ignored her and ran and hid from her, but seriously...I didn't hear her!
4. My mom FORCED my best friend and I to take her to see Grease with us. What was my mother thinking? I was only in 6th grade, which made Margie in 1st grade. (however, Margie did tell me recently that she felt totally cool to get to go to the movies with my friend and me. Of course she felt cool. We were the epitome of cool with our braces, Dorothy Hamill haircuts, and matching clothes.)
5. I made her sniff pepper to see if it really did make people sneeze. (I will admit to doing that because I felt really bad that it burned her nose!)

In all seriousness, though, Margie and I have had some truly wonderful times together.

  • She was my maid of honor in my wedding.
  • We traveled to Walt Disney World together (as adults) and totally made fools of ourselves crying during the opening ceremonies at the Magic Kingdom. (Dad loved Disney World and our parents took us there every year when we were younger.)
  • We learned to speak Japanese together this summer (Dawn wa suki chocoleto...Dawn likes chocolate...I didn't claim to be good at speaking Japanese!) ;)
  • We used to get sent to our room when we were younger because we were arguing (or whatever the heck we were doing to annoy our parents at the time) and once there, we would finally laugh so hard at the situation we couldn't stop!
  • When we were on vacation one year, our grandmother fell asleep in the hotel room and started snoring. Again, we got the giggles and couldn't stop, so my dad made us LEAVE THE ROOM! hehe
  • We used to make each other treats for surprises. Mom had a cake tin and we would put the treat in there and present it to one another with flourish.
She is....
  • My best friend
  • "Marnie" to The Boy
  • Someone I look up to and admire (even though she's my 'baby' sister)
  • An incredible mother
  • Beautiful inside and out.
I love you, Marjorie! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

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Melisa with one S said...

Happy birthday Margie!! Woot!