Monday, October 11, 2010

What were you doing at 10:10 on 10/10/10?

Yesterday, some friends and I traveled North to Utica, IL for the annual Burgoo Festival. Our first stop was at Cheryl R.'s house for a picture of us before we were on our way.

The 'Burgoo Crew': Dawn C., Amy, Sara, Cheryl S., Dawn E., LeRae, Brooke, and Cheryl R.

We took off with Cheryl S. driving Sara, Dawn, LeRae, and me; while Brooke drove Cheryl R. and Amy.

Off we go!

On the way there, LeRae said, "In one hour, I want to have a bloody mary in my hand!" Alright, Sistah! I'm right there with you! We decided that since it was 10/10/10, that we would have our drinks in our hands by 10:10 and we would document the occasion.

We arrived to the festival and after walking around for awhile and checking out the craft stalls, we decided to visit Joy and Ed's, which is a local bar where we had a delicious bloody mary last year. We ordered our drinks and then the countdown began.....

Finally! 10:10 on the dot!

We KNOW what time it is! ;) (for my hometown fans...sorry about the Bears picture on the wall above my head. What can I say? I live in Chicago territory now. We all know that the Steelers are the superior team! wink wink)

LeRae and Dawn E. enjoying their time together and their refreshments.

Brooke and I enjoying our refreshments.

After our visit at Joy and Ed's, we decided to get some fresh air and do a bit more browsing. Plus, we wanted to find the Burgoo.

Street entertainer.

LeRae and I being goofy....

We finally found the Burgoo!

Stirring the Burgoo. As I was taking this picture, some random guy asked if we wanted to stir the stew and we, of course, said yes. He agreed to take our picture....and the guy in this picture said, "OK, I'm outta here!" WAIT! Come back! ;)

How many educators does it take to stir one pot of Burgoo????

The Burgoo. Dawn and LeRae were nice enough to share theirs with me. It really wasn't bad. It tasted just like beef stew (which is a good thing because that's precisely what it is!)

All of that stirring was hard work, so I treated myself to a piece of blueberry pie. What? I deserve it!

After our snacks, we started walking around again and saw Gene Simmons, so we decided to have our picture taken with him. Don't be jealous. ;)

I think this is a cute name for a club, what about you?

Before we left the festival to go to lunch, we saw these adorable puppies for sale:

Lab/bulldog mix

Ok, the funniest thing happened while LeRae and I were looking at these puppies. Amy called my cell to find out where we were. I was trying to tell her and LeRae was confused and kept saying, "Are you calling The Man to tell him that you want one? Is he letting you get one? They are 1/2 off today!" Me: "LERAE! It's AMY! She's lost and I'm trying to tell her where we are!" It was pretty funny, but I guess you had to be there to experience the humor. ;)

We drove off the beaten path to Peru (IL) to a pub for a late lunch. It wasn't crowded and it was nice and cool in the restaurant, considering it was a balmy 88 degrees and sunny yesterday. We had such a wonderful time together.

Bloody Marys: $4.00/each x 2ish
Bottled water: $1.00/each
Pie: $2.00/slice
Burgoo: $4.00/bowl
Lunch: $12.xx
Spending time with friends: PRICELESS

Love you girls!

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