Friday, October 29, 2010

Go Go Power Rangers....Pizza!

Long ago, when the boy was almost 4, he wanted to be the Red Power Ranger for Halloween. The problem? I needed to make a costume for the Awana harvest party that was a circus theme. I got the great idea to make a pizza costume (slice of pepperoni pizza) when I saw the pattern and knew that even *I* could make that.

The Boy: But I want to be the RED RANGERRRRRRR! (he used to drag his words out)

Me: Sweetie! Think how fun it will to be a piece of pizza! We can dress you all in red and put this pizza thing over the top and you'll just look so cute!

The Boy: But I want to be the RED RANGERRRRRRR!

Me: But Sweetie, there are no Power Rangers at the circus! Think of how original it will be to have you dressed up as a piece of pizza! How fun would that be? You'll be great!

I finally talked him into it (well, I made the costume and put him in it when we got to the Awana Circus. hehe) He had a ball and loved being the only one dressed as a slice of pizza, I'm sure.

Fast forward to the day care Halloween party when he again went as a piece of pizza. Not so great. Most of his little friends were dressed as various colors of Power Rangers and they were flying around the room karate chopping one another. The Boy wasn't happy one bit. Luckily, his day care teacher (who was a bit older and wiser than I was at the time) drew a picture of a dinosaur and taped it to his red turtle neck and let him take off the pizza costume. My boy seriously thought he WAS the Red Power Ranger. When it came time to take the class picture of all of the little ones dressed in their Halloween attire, Miss K talked The Boy into putting his pizza back on, while whispering in his ear that he could leave the dinosaur on his chest, UNDER the pizza. Looking at that picture later, I could tell how proud The Boy was that he was REALLY a Red Power Ranger in disguise! He had us all fooled! ;)

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