Monday, August 16, 2010

Writer's Block

Ok, I know that in order to have writer's block, one has to be a writer. Does writing a blog make a person a writer? I say yes it does! I read many different blogs and enjoy reading people's insights, views on the world, and enjoy delving into their personal lives. There is also a conference every year held by BlogHer in different cities around the country. Last year, it was in Chicago, but since I wasn't a blogger last year, I didn't go. This year it was held in NYC and I didn't go to that one either. My friend Melisa went to BlogHer the past couple of years and she even gave me some of her swag last summer. Fun! You can go here and here to read her recaps on this year's event. (I thought you had to be part of the BlogHer network in order to go, and I'm on the waiting list...but she assured me that anyone who blogs can attend.)

I think it would be fun to get together with fellow bloggers sometime to meet them in person and to sit in some of the conferences to learn more about technology, writing techniques, etc. Of course, the best part would be just hanging out with new people. I'm all about the socializing!

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