Wednesday, August 11, 2010

He works hard for his money

The Man got The Boy a job at his plant for a couple of weeks this month. The Boy started last night and works from 5pm until 3am doing road work. I was told he'd be holding a road sign and doing traffic control. I got the real story this morning from The Boy...he does hold the road sign during a 'break', but most times he shovels nasty wet concrete that they blast out of the grooves of the road. He was exhausted when he got home this morning!

Yesterday, I drove him to his job site since The Man and I were meeting there to go to a baseball game. I parked in the parking lot and watched my 'baby' use his badge to get through the gate and go find his dad to get started. That was strange. While I was waiting for The Man to come and meet me in the parking lot, I called my mom and she reminded me of the many young men The Boy's age overseas fighting for our country, so I settled myself down. I'm just a mess when it comes to The Boy growing up.

So, The Boy is sleeping and here I am trying to figure out how in the world to get wet nasty concrete out of his jeans. I guess I'd rather do the laundry than work on a road crew.

And The Boy? He's so happy that he has the opportunity to go to college and not have to do this type of work for the rest of his life!


Brother Sam said...

Very good took 1 day at Hall China to make me even more grateful than I as before that I was getting an education. Nothing like really hard work to put everything in perspective.

Dawn said...

That's what I told Nick, Sam! I remember you coming home from working at Hall in the summer heat and being grateful that you got to go back to school!