Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break

I decided to not post the birth story today...I'll leave you wondering. Instead, today I'm going to post about my excitement for spring break!

Like I said before, this will likely be my last spring break from my current district. They have RIFd 20 of us assistants and I've heard rumblings of them only calling 5-6 back. The likelihood of me getting called back is slim to none, considering I'm #13 on the seniority list, I think. That's ok. It's not the end of the world. This time next year, God willing, I'll have another job and life will continue on.

Back to SPRING BREAK! So, tomorrow I leave to see The Boy. We have plans for him to show me around campus, give me a tour of his fraternity house, meet his brothers, and then I'm taking him somewhere to eat something other than university food. I'm very excited! After visiting with him, I'm going to drive over to my friend Pam's house. She and I met a long time ago via the internet and actually met in person twice, once in Indianapolis and once in Chicago for a girls' weekend. So, I'm going to hang out with her, hopefully meet her husband and daughter, and spend the evening dishing, laughing....just doing what girls do when we get together.

On Sunday morning, I'm going to continue on to see my mom. She and I always have fun when we're together. We just act like a couple of girlfriends. I am so fortunate to have that kind of relationship with my mom. While I'm there, I'm planning on seeing a dear friend from high school and The Man's sweet cousin, who just happens to be one of my best friends. Joni and I can sit, drink cawfee, and tawlk for hours. Good times.

While I'm gone, I won't be blogging because I'm going to leave my laptop behind. However, I plan on having a lot of material to blog about upon my return. Plus, I still need to post my birth story. I just know you're sitting at the edges of your seats to read about that! ;)

See you in a week!


Pamela said...

Don't forget about meeting the world's oddest cat!!!!

Excited to see you, tomorrow!!

I have 99 Red Balloons ready to go...rofl...

Dawn said...


Do you think I need to wear my protective gear to fend off Marshmallow? ;)

tammy said...

Oh, Heavens YES! Must take protective gear!! ;) Sounds like a great weekend. (I'm close with my mom, too.) Looking forward to hearing about the good times.

Pamela said...

hahahaha...I totally forgot about the, We're Not German comments!! Dancing and singing at lunch...I highly recommend it!!

Yes, protective gear will be needed. Although, she is pretty happy, right now, and loving the weather and on the prowl for the moles in the yard. You may be safe...