Thursday, March 11, 2010


  • You know that spring is just about officially here when you awaken to a thunderstorm (and your huge Labrador climbs into your lap and tries to bury his head in your armpit)
  • Spring break is a week away and I'm headed to OH to see The Boy and then to WV to see my mom.
  • While I'm in OH, I'm visiting a friend who lives an hour from The Boy's school. Girl time!
  • While in WV, I'm going to visit The Man's cousin (who happens to be one of my best friends) and hopefully some old high school pals.
  • Mom and I are going to see the Amish in Holmes County, Ohio!
  • The Man and I are going on an "adventure vacation" this summer....just get in the car and drive until half the money runs out, then turn around and drive home. ;)
  • One of our stops (after our class reunion) is going to be Lancaster County in PA to....SEE THE AMISH!
  • We desperately need a break from reality, so that little getaway will be a lifesaver.
  • I've lost 15 far.
  • I went out for Mexican last night, so I'm not weighing myself any time soon!
  • I love reality tv....Is there a 12 Step Program for people like me?
Have a great Thursday! Remember...Hair is Important! Oh, wait....This isn't Shear Genius. Sorry! ;)


basketlover93 said...

Dawn, 15 pounds!!! That is great!

Pamela said...

Quick question...are you like obsessed with the Amish??? ROFL...don't hit me!!!

Dawn said...

Um, yeah...and your point? ;)