Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm so LOST!

I love reality television. I think I've mentioned that before. However, one of my favorite shows isn't reality. It's a series that is, sadly, on its final season. 'LOST' is full of twist and turns. The show makes a person sit and actually think. For a person like me, who views television as an escape, it seems odd that I would choose a series that makes me use my mind (or is that LOSE my mind?) But it really is an escape for me. I tend to watch online so that I don't miss a thing (and also, since getting DirecTV and not having a DVR, I can't record it....I watch 'The Biggest Loser' and am really 'into' their weight loss and rooting them on like we are bff or something.)

So, imagine me sitting here, with my precious lab sleeping at my feet, watching 'LOST' online. Imagine me being blindsided by an event on 'LOST' and actually SCREAMING. Imagine my precious lab awakening, looking at me like I'm a loon, and then getting up to sleep in the other room. Crazy, right? That's what that show does to me.

I will be LOST without it!

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