Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Precious Time

I took the day off to spend with The Boy today. He had a doctor appointment and while he's old enough to go by himself, I wanted to spend time with him. His doctor is in another town, which is about 40 minutes from home, so we had plenty of time to catch up and have wonderful conversations. We roamed the mall before his appointment and then afterward, we went on the obligatory lunch date.

Our relationship has morphed through the years. Yes, I'm still his mother and am still here to offer him guidance, support, advice, love....but I've also become a friend. It feels so good to be able to talk about many different things, tease one another, joke around, say swear words...yeah...we cuss.

My spring break is in a few short weeks. I'm going to my hometown to see my mother. But, on the way to see her, I'm stopping in The Boy's college town to meet his fraternity brothers, tour his house, and to take him and a friend to lunch. I'm looking forward to seeing him in his new surroundings and to meeting his friends.

No, I'm not a helicopter mom.... I'm just a mom who is enjoying every moment and every stage.

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