Saturday, February 6, 2010

Updates and rambings....

  • This is the card that Mom made. Isn't it adorable? The ladybug is made from fabric and she has real buttons for spots. :)
  • This is the one of the pillow cases that my mom made. Mickey Mouse is the only rodent that I like, by the way.
  • The roast is still cooking in the crock pot. We're having bbq pulled pork tomorrow. YUM!
  • The Man fried some chops in his huge cast iron skillet. They were delicious! They didn't taste gamey at all.
  • The Boy called today. He said that his area of Ohio was under a level 3 snow emergency and that he couldn't go to work. If you travel under a level 3 snow emergency, you risk paying a $250 fine, unless it's an emergency. Who knew? (Working at KMart isn't an emergency.)
  • I don't think IL has 'snow emergency' classifications.
  • We got snow yesterday, but it quickly melted from the roadways. I'm sick of winter! I need some sunshine and warmer weather!
  • I have a huge mountain of laundry that needs my attention......I suppose that's what I'm going to be doing tomorrow.
  • I bought a new ceramic curling iron (gotta take out the curl to put curl in, you know) and burned the heck out of my hand while using it on Thursday! I asked The Man to buy me those grilling gloves to use while curling my hair in the future. I have a nasty blister on my left index finger. Luckily I can still type. :)


tammy said...

I need some warmth and sunshine, too. After this week...we have more snow predicted in a few days....I am so ready for summer!!

Pamela said...

Give me sun, flipflops and a cabana boy....oh, and umbrella cocktail. It's Feb. and this is when I am always over it all...