Thursday, April 29, 2010

I love....

  • My family....The Man and The Boy are my life. Being a wife and mother defines me.
  • Dutch...I love listening to him snore when he's sleeping, slobber when he sees food, seeing him look at me with unconditional love
  • Working with can be so heartbreaking at times, but it's rewarding when I know I'm making a difference in the life of a child
  • My extended family....I'm so fortunate to have a loving family
  • My 'other' family....The Man's family who love me for me and I love them back!
  • My friends...I'm truly blessed to have met so many wonderful friends over the course of my life
  • Family get-togethers
Now for the shallowness of my loves....
  • My Kindle...a surprise gift from my mom and sister last summer. LOVE IT...Love them more!
  • Aerosmith...singing at the top of my lungs while listening to my cd for the 146th time this week
  • My computer
  • Disney World
  • The Outer Banks
  • the ocean
  • West by God Virginia
  • summer
  • being barefoot
  • pedicures
  • shopping
What do you love?


Pamela said...


Melisa with one S said...

Aw, Pam beat me to it. Dang! :)

Dawn said...

awwww! :sniff sniff: I love you both too! And I needed that this morning! :)