Friday, April 2, 2010

Hangin' with the Delta Sigs

Day one of spring break led me to The Boy's university in a small town in Ohio. He took me for a tour around campus. The first stop was at the dorm.

This is where The Boy lives.

After we saw the dorm, we headed over to the science center. This and the scholarship he received are two of the reasons we chose this university. The scholarship makes this private school more affordable than a state school in IL.

The outside of the science center.

glass bridge inside the science center

waterfall and sculpture inside the science center

Then, we passed the Methodist chapel.

We crossed a bridge and came to the beautiful black swans. The Boy informed me that these cost $10,000 EACH. BTW, there are THREE of them! Our tuition money at work, folks!

We finally made it to the fraternity house! I was then infomed that it was the nicest house on campus. Hmmmm....what about THAT one?

NOT the Delta Sig house

This is the Delta Sigma Phi house.

We went inside for a tour of the nicest house on campus. Here are some of the highlights:

The kitchen

The sunken living room where they play foursquare, wrestle, and just hang out.

Their homemade stadium seating where they watch tv.

The bell outside the house.

Proud to be a Delta Sig

And if he ever decides to scrap his chemistry major, he could always be a carpenter....

The picnic table he and his fraternity brothers built.

I got to meet some of his fraternity brothers. They seem like a great group of guys.

We had a wonderful visit. I took him to lunch and we talked, laughed, and enjoyed every minute of our visit. He and his fraternity brothers were taking their sweetheart out to dinner for her 21st birthday, so I did what any good mom would do, I slipped him some cash and took off so that he could have some fun with his friends.

I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful relationship with my son! As he grows older, the relationship becomes more of a friendship, but he still needs guidance...and cash! ;)


Melisa with one S said...

The last sentence was my favorite. :)

Campus looks awesome!! I'm glad he's doing well!

Pamela said...

I loved hearing this story, again...and, wow...the frat houses I was always in for parties never looked like that...amazing!! He looks and sounds happy...good job, mom!