Friday, February 11, 2011

A Visit with a Vampire

This past Tuesday was my good friend Cheryl's BIG birthday.  I won't tell you which one, though.  ;)  Our friend and co-worker, Lori, had a huge surprise for Cheryl when she got to work that day.  She loves Edward. 

If it weren't for my niece and her request for Twilight Barbies for Hanukkah, I would be in the dark about who Edward is.  I have the books loaded in my Kindle archives thanks to my sister, so I may have to read the saga to see what the hoopla is all about. 

I had to have my picture taken with Edward for Allison....this one's for you, Kid!  :)

Notice how he's glowing?  Cheryl and I noticed that he was glowing in all of the pictures we took.  I guess we're just lucky that we got a good picture of him because he is a vampire and I doubt that vampires usually show up in photos.  ;)

Happy Birthday, Cheryl!  Welcome to your "Twilight Years!" 

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jodie ( said...

Dawn, thanks for reading my blog! And hey, I LOVE Edward too! LOL!

Disney is addicting...I'm glad you got your hubby there and he had a good time!