Thursday, September 9, 2010

End of Summer Trip

At the end of August, I found myself at my happy place (no, not Disney World) once again. There is nothing like the smells and sounds of the ocean. When we drive onto Chincoteague Island across the causeway that takes us over the salt marsh, I love to roll down the windows and take in the smells. I anticipate being able to kick off my flip flops (yes, Sam...I still wear them daily in the summer when I'm not barefoot) and walk across the sand toward the ocean's edge. I can almost hear the waves crashing and the smell of the ocean. Nothing cleanses my soul like the ocean (well, Disney is a close second!)

This trip was very laid back. My mother-in-law (other mother) and I spent some quality girlie time hanging out, reading books, and picnicking on the beach. The guys spent their time golfing and fishing, and we weren't 'allowed' to go. That was fine with us! ;)

My lovely other mother and me at the beach...after a coupla cosmos. ;)

The Man is an early riser, so he spent his early mornings taking Molly in the car to McDonald's for coffee (him) and for a sausage biscuit (her.) Then, they would hit the nature trail for their daily walk. He found that they would have to go before the sun rose because Molly, being a miniature Schnauzer and thinking she was a pit bull, liked to antagonize every. single. dog that she saw. The other dogs laughed at her, I'm sure. Or, they wanted to be like her since clearly she IS a princess. ;)

The Man and Molly...she thinks he's HER man, but she's delusional!

I did manage to talk The Boy into coming to the beach with us for an afternoon. He played volleyball with a group of young people and then chilled with us. It's nice to have mom-son-grammy time every once in awhile. ;)

The Boy at the beach...sorry his underwear is hanging out. I guess that's cool or something...or maybe he just needed to pull up his shorts?

Relaxing at the beach....PRICELESS.

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