Monday, December 13, 2010

Ahead of the Game

This past weekend, I baked the last of the cookies I'm planning on baking. I still want to make 3 different kinds of candy and some spiced pecans. The cookies are in the freezer until closer to Christmas, when I'll take them out a little at a time for the cookie trays.

Today I finished wrapping the last of the gifts, minus the one that hasn't arrived yet. My cards are addressed and ready to be mailed (tomorrow). It's nice to enjoy the season without feeling like I'm up against the clock....and believe me, most years I feel that way.

We have so many things to look forward to the next couple of weeks.....The Boy coming home; White Christmas (the play); our 24th anniversary; The Girl coming for Christmas; Lori, Mike, and Jamie coming for Christmas; Wicked; our annual New Year's Eve extravaganza with Jim and Melisa. Good times!

It would be even more perfect if our parents could be here, but since they live across the country, we'll have to settle with phone calls on Christmas.

I'm planning on posting recipes for goodies in future posts.
Stay tuned!

PS....I now have a job! Merry Christmas to us!


Melisa with one S said...

Wahoo for NYE!

You're so industrious! :)

Dawn said...

YOU'RE industrious! :) xoxo

Oh, and on NYE? Shall I bring my tiara? We can kick some a$$es and takes some names. ;)