Monday, November 29, 2010


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. This past week was fun at our house! The Boy and The Girl came here on Friday the 19th. Saturday we had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and then came home for birthday cake and ice cream. (The Boy turned 20 on November 7th and The Girl turned 21 on the 24th.) We had a nice visit with them before they left for her mom's house for a few days. They got back here on Thanksgiving and by then The Man's dad was here. The Man's sister and family also came over for dinner on Thanksgiving and we had a wonderful time.

It really helped to be surrounded by family because I was obviously still feeling pretty down because of Dutch's death.

Yesterday, The Boy headed back to school and starts his new quarter today. It was great to have him home and it's also great knowing that he'll be back home in 3 weeks. Before he left, he carried the Christmas tree upstairs for me and put it together. I got it and the house decorated yesterday.

Now for the fun part...planning the goodies to bake, the presents to buy, and listening to Mannheim Steamroller cds.

I may not have a job at this moment, but I am truly blessed with the life I have. God is good.

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