Saturday, May 1, 2010


There is a cat living on our deck. He was quite comfy in the leaf pile in the back corner of the lower deck. I took care of the situation when I cleared the leaves from the decks. Maybe that's why Dutch was afraid to go outside?

I googled 'Dawndi'. Yeah....lots of porn stars with that name. I promise you, I'm not one of them! LOL

We're grilling today....yummy burgers and hot dogs with my macaroni salad on the side. Not sure what else to have....I need another side and a dessert since there will be people here!

I've lost 20 pounds! Only 10 til goal (I think...I was a 'bad' girl the past couple of weeks and haven't weighed in...why torture myself, right?)

Our class reunion is going to be THREE days of fun fun fun! That means THREE new outfits complete with shoes! :) Afterwards, we are headed down to Chincoteague, VA to visit The Man's mom and her husband. Can't wait! We decided not to go on our 'adventure' vacation this year since I'm laid off for next school year.

I'm going to get The Boy this month, but while I'm gone I'm going to get to visit with a dear friend. CAN'T WAIT! How did his first year of college go so darned fast? Insane!

I watch Real Housewives of New York (well...I watch all of the Real Housewives shows). Talk about a train wreck...but I love every minute of it! But really? Those 'women' act like they are stuck in junior high! They ALL need to get a hobby! ;) Wait! Maybe *I* need to get a hobby? NAH

I wish I could speak frankly to the remaining players on Survivor to warn them of the evilness of Russell. However, I could care less at this point who wins. I was rooting for Boston Rob or J.T. to take it all, but Rob got ambushed and J.T. made the stupidest move in Survivor history. I like to watch Ponderosa online. They seem to have a lot of fun after they get voted off!

We rented Up in the Air last night from DirecTV. We both really enjoyed that movie!

I need to spend less time watching tv and more time reading my book club books!

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Melisa with one S said...

congrats on the weight loss!

You have a lot going on coming up, huh? crazy!

And I can't BELIEVE how fast this year went!!! eeek!